Start preparing early to have ample time to organise everything before your check-out day. Follow the guide below, and if you leave the property as you found it, you should have no problems. 

It may seem like a chore but admin is an important part of the process and helps ensure you stop paying for a property you no longer live at, and that your service providers are kept updated.

Before You Move

If your rent is paid by standing order or direct debit, please contact your bank and cancel it with them. It is your responsibility to ensure that your standing order is cancelled, we are unable to do this for you, and you will be charged for the return of any overpaid rent in the sum of £30.00 inc VAT on each occasion.  

Please ensure that ALL keys are handed back to the property inspector or office on or before the checkout date. This includes keys to window locks, post box keys, fobs, shed keys if applicable and parking permits. If they are returned outside office hours, please post them through the door in an envelope quoting your name rather than the property address (for security reasons.).  

If not returned, in accordance with the above, we will be obliged to change the locks and the costs added at the end of your tenancy. 

Please make sure you contact your telephone/internet service providers, read your utility meters and notify the services accordingly of the final readings and forwarding address.  

Top tip: Don’t forget to sign out of any account on platforms such as Netflix, Hive/Nest or similar, on equipment that will be left at the property following your exit. Please note that neither the landlord nor Julian wadden will be held accountable for any misuse following your exit.  

Do not forget to arrange to have your mail re-directed by the post office. We are unable to provide a post re-direction service and we are not responsible for your post 

Electoral Register: 

You will need to update your address on the electoral register, as you won't automatically be registered to vote at your new address.  


You will need to ensure that the property, garage where applicable, and outside areas are left in the same good condition in which it was found, as detailed in the Inventory. This means the property will need to be thoroughly cleaned including carpets, windows, and all kitchen and bathroom fitments.


Ovens, fridges and washing machines should be cleaned to the same good condition in which they were found. Please note deposit deductions will be made for dirty ovens, fridges, washing machines etc.  

Fridge/freezers should be defrosted, all food removed, and the door left open to prevent moulding 

All household rubbish should be removed, bagged appropriately and disposed of. If any items are left behind you will be charged for removal

If carpets are stained, it is suggested that they are professionally steam cleaned before your move out. We can supply contact details of a suitable contractor if required 

Wash or dry clean curtains and nets, as well as wipe blinds clean of any dust.  

If you have moved furniture in the property, please make sure you return it to the appropriate room as per the inventory. A charge will be made if it has to be moved to the correct room.  

Please remove all your personal possessions from the property before the inventory check and handing back the keys. If any items are left behind (even if you think they will be useful for the next tenants) you will be charged for removal. 

Make sure all the lightbulbs work in the property, and ensure you replace any if required.

If something is broken or damaged, don’t worry accidents happen – just call and tell us and we can help. If you are happy to arrange a replacement yourself, please ensure it is the same or as near match as possible to the item listed on the inventory.  

It is also worth checking your tenant's insurance (if you have it) as you may be able to claim for any landlord’s items that have been accidentally damaged during your tenancy. You will not be able to make a claim retrospectively, once you have moved out of the property.  

Moving Day

Please make sure you have vacated the property by XXX time. If for any reason you need more time at the property and need to move out later, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can organise accordingly with the new tenant.  

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If we are satisfied with the condition of the property we will return your full deposit to you.  

If there are any discrepancies regarding the inventory we will contact your landlord to discuss them. Where damage is found we will make a calculation, taking into account fair wear and tear and the age and expected lifespan of the item(s) in question, and recommend to the landlord a reasonable deduction from the deposit. 

Please note that the deposit for this tenancy is protected under the Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme and therefore any deductions will need to be agreed on by both Tenant and Landlord before the deposit is released to either party. There is a limit of 10 days for these deductions to be agreed and we will therefore need to communicate with you swiftly and easily during this period as any perceived delays can be detrimental to claims. If you need to dispute a deduction and refer it to the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) we will submit evidence to justify any claim your landlord wishes to make.  

It is important you inform us of your forwarding address so we can deal with the return of your deposit as appropriate.