Our Julian Wadden Property Management Team has created a Checkout checklist providing advice on what to look out for when leaving a rented property. Please see our recommendations below:

  1. Ensure that you have a copy of your inventory:
    As per your tenancy agreement, it is the tenant’s responsibility to leave the property in how it was present to them at the start of the tenancy considering fair, wear and tear. Having a copy of your inventory will help you with comparing the current condition to how it is at the end of the tenancy and making sure everything is in the same place.
  2. Update your utility account and council tax:
    Make sure that your account is closed and paid up to date, so you don’t receive any unexpected bills!
  3. Re direct your mail:
    It is important to ensure that all your mail is redirected to prevent you from missing out on any important correspondence as we are unable to take any responsibility over misdirected post.
  4. Test the smoke alarms to ensure they are working and mounted on the ceiling:
    One of the things that we inspect when completing a checkout report is smoke alarms to ensure that they are present and working. You could be charged the cost for a replacement battery or alarm if the test fails, or the alarm is missing.
  5. Leave your prepayment Card or Sticks in the property or return them when handing in your keys:
    As this are essential part of the property, we always check at the end of the tenancy if these are present as this is required for the new tenant/resident.
  6. Making sure all keys are returned to the relevant branch on the day your tenancy comes to an end:
    To prevent the risk of having monies deducted from your deposit towards any replacement keys, get in touch with The Property Management Department to check what keys were provided to you at the start of your tenancy.
  7. Leaving your garden in a clean and tidy condition:
    Another thing our inspectors look out for when completing a checkout is if the garden has been left in a tidy condition. If not, you could be at risk of being charged the cost of a gardener from your deposit.
  8. Making sure your appliances are left in a clean condition at the end of your tenancy:
    One of the most common deduction from the deposit is the cost of cleaning appliances at the end of the tenancy therefore this is something we recommend checking before handing back your keys!
  9. Cancel your Standing order:
    If you do not cancel your standing order after the last month’s rent has been paid, you are at risk of the monies leaving your account once the tenancy comes to an end. Any overpaid monies that we receive will always be refunded however this can take a few days to process.