Welcome to the future of property management. Introducing My JW, the ultimate web app designed to help landlords and tenants with their property experience.

  • My JW gives you access to everything in one place. That means landlord statements, compliance certificates, and property inspection reports are all available at the touch of a button. 
  • My JW is integrated with our maintenance platform, tenants can report maintenance issues 24/7, and you can view and approve repairs through the app.
  • Landlords can receive feedback from tenants viewing your property, review rental offers and applications all in one place. 

If you are a registered landlord on our system, we will have set you up with a new account. Please get in touch with your contact at Julian Wadden and they will provide you with more information.

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Overview of Your Tenancies

See complete details of your tenancies in one place, including your monthly statements

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Manage Appointments and Feedback

Manage viewing appointments from your calendar and review feedback

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View Accepted or Rejected Offers

View offers made by potential tenants

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Manage Your Maintenance

View any issues raised by a tenant in Fixflo and view your transactions


We alert you of any changes in your account, in terms of viewings, feedback, offer status, and any pending actions


Register Now


  • Have an overview of all current and previous tenancy details
  • View all recent communications related to feedback, offers and viewings in your inbox
  • View and receive all your properties' monthly statements
  • View any upcoming or past viewing appointments from your calendar
  • Receive feedback from potential tenants on recent viewings
  • View all your property offers and offer status'
  • View all recent transactions
  • Manage maintenance requests made in Fixflo
  • View your utility readings
  • Upload documents to send to your Agent
  • View all your property documents
  • Direct contact to your Agent