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Welcome to Julian Wadden Stockport

Your premier destination for selling or letting property in Stockport. With our unparalleled expertise and exceptional client service, we ensure that you achieve the best possible price for your property while enjoying a five-star experience. 

Our Stockport team possesses extensive local knowledge, allowing us to navigate the property market effortlessly. We aim to make the process hassle-free for both you and prospective buyers or tenants, ensuring a seamless journey.


Stockport Branch Team

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Rae Griffin

Property Relationship Manager
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Tamanna Haque

Sales & Lettings Negotiator
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Eilish Coe

Assistant Branch Manager
Why choose Julian Wadden Stockport? - Julian Wadden

Why choose Julian Wadden Stockport?


Our team of Stockport estate agents know the area inside out, and possess extensive knowledge of the local markets. This expertise enables us to secure the optimal price for your home while ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey. 

Targeting the Right Audience 

By advertising your property on leading portals such as Rightmove and OnTheMarket, we guarantee maximum exposure to a vast audience actively searching for properties like yours. 

A Name You Can Trust 

Rest assured, we are proud members of esteemed regulatory professional bodies in England. This affiliation offers peace of mind, knowing that you are in the hands of a trusted and reliable agency. 

As seasoned property experts, we possess unparalleled knowledge of the market. Our unrivalled skills and expertise enable us to connect you with the perfect buyer, providing a secure and satisfying process from start to finish. 

Contact Us Today 

Selling or letting your home may seem overwhelming, but with Julian Wadden, your property will be showcased to the right audience. Call us on 0161 474 8660 now to discover how we can exceed your expectations. 

Why Make Stockport Home?  - Julian Wadden

Why Make Stockport Home?

This vibrant town offers a multitude of attractions and amenities that make it an ideal place to live. From excellent transport links, including rail connections and major motorways, to its rich history showcased through historic architecture and landmarks, Stockport has much to offer. 

For nature enthusiasts, Stockport is a gateway to breathtaking countryside. Surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Peak District and the Cheshire countryside, residents can indulge in picturesque walks and outdoor activities. Meanwhile, families can take comfort in the availability of well-regarded schools and educational institutions, ensuring quality education for their children. 

The cultural scene in Stockport is thriving, with its theatres, art galleries, and music venues. Residents can immerse themselves in diverse entertainment and cultural experiences. Moreover, the town provides ample shopping options, from local markets bursting with charm to modern shopping centres. Numerous restaurants and cafes cater to a range of tastes, making dining a delightful experience. 

Stockport's commitment to green spaces is evident, with several parks dotting the town. These oases of relaxation, recreation, and outdoor activities allow residents to unwind and enjoy the fresh air. Additionally, the strong sense of community in Stockport is palpable, with various events and local initiatives constantly fostering a welcoming atmosphere. 

Sports enthusiasts will find themselves spoiled for choice in Stockport, with an array of sports and leisure facilities available. From fully equipped gyms to sports clubs and recreational areas, an active and healthy lifestyle is easily achievable.  

Affordable housing options abound in Stockport, making it an attractive prospect for those seeking a high quality of life without breaking the bank. Families, in particular, will appreciate the family-friendly amenities and a range of parks designed with them in mind.  

Stockport's continuous regeneration projects have transformed its infrastructure and amenities, further enhancing its appeal. The town's commitment to growth and improvement is evident at every turn. Lastly, Stockport hosts a dynamic calendar of festivals and events throughout the year, ensuring a lively and engaging community spirit. 

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