We’re hiring now so see below to find out more. If there isn’t a suitable vacancy, don’t worry, take a look at our roles at a glance. There are always new opportunities on the horizon to support our 10 branch business plan.

OUR ROLES AT A GLANCE Our roles at a glance
Our roles at a glance

Curious about what roles we have within our teams, what you will be doing or whether there are progression opportunities? Then click above to find out more.

JULIAN WADDEN APPLICATION FORM Apply to work at Julian Wadden
Apply to work at Julian Wadden

We’re always on the hunt for experienced and positive people to make our 10 branch growth plan come to life. Apply online by clicking here or take a chance to review any of our current vacancies on this page. You can find out more about the types of roles we recruit for on this page.


Send your CV in to careers@julianwadden.co.uk and you’ll always receive an acknowledgement e-mail even if we don’t have a suitable opportunity at that time. You will be surprised how many of our colleagues joined us months and years after first sending their CV in!

If we have an opportunity that matches your skills and experience, you will normally be invited to an initial telephone interview as a first stage.

Our second stage recruitment involves face to face structured interviews with a number of the team and you will always get to see the branch and your working environment.

Depending on the nature of the role, our second stage may include some written scenario assessments. But don’t worry, you will always know in advance and these assessments are as much about developing you if you join us as they are about recruitment.

If we’re a match made in heaven, then you will be offered the role subject to pre-employment checks. These only take place after a role has been accepted and we do these checks due to the nature of client’ s assets and client accounts we are dealing with. These checks are done by an independent external agency.

You will be pleased to know we’re all about efficiency and all our standard contract and offer documentation is arranged electronically.