Slowly returning to ‘normal’?


From 1 st August 2021, the notice period a Landlord must provide to a Tenant who is in rent arrears – but the amount is less than 4 months’ rent - is being reduced from 4 months to 2 months, a step towards returning to normality...

Expanding Property Management Team


The Julian Wadden Property Management team is rapidly expanding to ensure quality Management of your Property.. 

Changes to a Tenant's Right to Rent


Following Brexit, EU citizens living in the UK were given a grace period up to 30 th June 2021 to apply for the right to remain living in the UK under the EU Settlement Scheme. Once this is over, how do we verify an applicant’s Right to Rent under a Landlord or Agent’s...

MYJW - Landlord Tour of Features


With it being just over six months since we went live with our innovative MYJW, allowing 24/7 access to view updates on viewings, maintenance, property documents and much more, we wanted to make sure you are reaping the benefits of this unique offering...

Reduction in Notice Periods


As Lockdown is easing in England and we are moving through the ‘roadmap’ as set out by the Government, notice periods are starting to be reduced towards pre-COVID timeframes…

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